How To Stay Lean: 5 Killer Ways To Stay Lean

How to stay lean and live a healthy life

How To Stay Lean

Most people have this question of how to stay lean, what to eat to stay lean, how to eat to stay lean, and many more things. Today we are going to answer all those questions. 

We are going to discuss 5 simple and amazing steps that you can take to stay lean and to stay healthy. 

And then we are going to discuss some hacks that you can take to change your life very quick

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Let's start...  

1. Count your calories and you will stay lean:

How to stay lean

Number one is to count calories. Of course, if you don't know your Calories and you are eating whatever you want, you will obviously gain weight instead of staying lean. 

 So now, the question is how to count calories.. here is a link to the calories calculator that you can use to count your maintenance calorie. 

And make sure that you eat below your maintenance calories, this will help you to stay lean.  Most people have this question of what to eat to stay lean? and How to eat to stay lean? Step 1, Step 2, Step 4, and hack #5 will answer both these questions.

2.Eat enough macronutrients will help you in staying lean:

how to eat to stay lean

Now that you have calculated your maintenance calories, the next step is to find out the exact macronutrients that we should be eating in order to stay lean. 

If you don't know just in case, the three most important and the only 3 macronutrients are protein, carbs, and fats. Protein is essential for the growth of muscles and helps to grow your body. 

Carbs are the basic and the essential source of energy, fats help us to keep our brain healthy I'll put the link to calculate protein requirements fats requirements and cause requirement year

Check the best sources of protein here

3. Do some basic form of exercises:

What to eat for staying lean

Exercise is very essential even if you are not a bodybuilder or an athlete. 

Everyone should do exercise including a normal person. Exercise will help you to lose extra calories that will in turn, result in weight loss that will help you to stay lean 

Let's take an example, assume that yesterday you went with your friends out for a party and you had a lot of junk food, now you are taking the junk food in the form of extra Calories and if you will do exercise today, most likely it will help you to cancel out those extra calories that you took  yesterday when you were partying with your friends

4. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet:


Apart from the macronutrients, there are also micronutrients that include vitamins, minerals, zinc, and many more components. It is essential to have some kind of fruits and vegetables consistently so that you can take in these micronutrients. 

Also, fruits and vegetables will help you in consuming the required micronutrients for your body Some good example of fruits are banana, papaya, grapes, Apple, pineapple, figs, and many more

5. Take an adequate amount of sleep:

Most people ignore the very important fact that sleep is very necessary and it is very important to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep 

If you want to keep your body healthy and have a healthy and disease-free life 

 These are the steps that you need to follow if you want to stay lean and have a healthy life. Now let’s discuss some hacks that will help you to stay healthy and these hacks are very easy to follow.

Hacks on How to stay Lean :

Hack number 1 Increase the amount of cardio you do: 


Increase the amount of cardio you do or if you're not doing any kind of cardio then you should start doing cardiovascular exercises these exercises will help you to stay lean and instantly reduce the extra accumulated fat 

Hack number 2 lift heavy weights often: 

lift heavy weights

Lift heavy weights, if you are a gym person, then you need to start lifting heavyweights. 

 Now you might be asking why should I need to lift heavy weights?? 

Well the answer is, the more weight you lift the more calories will burn and the more energy will be required by a body to repair those muscle tissue that you have done damage while lifting a heavyweight Compound lifts are the best way to increase the number of calories you burn in the gym because these exercises involve almost all the muscle groups in our body and hence increase the number of calories burned during that course of time 

Hack number 3 Focus on your body fats instead of your bodyweight: 

Focus on your body fats instead of your bodyweight. 

Most people try to lose weight but losing weight is not the result that you are trying to achieve. when you lose weight you also lose muscle mass, water, and also fat from your body. 

And let me tell you that weight loss is very unhealthy for your body instead of focusing on weight loss you need to focus on fat loss 

Hack number 4 Drink a lot of water: 

Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water no one can deny the fact that our body is 60% of water

So if you are not providing enough water to your body then your body will starve and your metabolism will slow down and eventually you will end up gaining more weight. 

So drink around 4 to 5 liters of water daily this will increase your metabolism and eventually also increase the number of calories you burn and ultimately we will lose weight and stay lean 

Hack number 5 Eat when you are hungry: 

Eat when you are hungry

If you want to stay lean and have a healthy life then you need to eat only eat when you are hungry not when you want to eat 

There is a big difference between eating when you want to eat and eating when you're hungry. If you focus on eating when you want to eat you will end up eating more than your maintenance calories. And this will increase your weight. 

If you follow these 5 hacks and tips mentioned in this post, I can guarantee that you will stay lean and you will have a good and healthy life


Now let’s summarise the complete thing 

Here is a summary of the entire post: 

5 steps that you need to take to stay lean 

Step number one count your calories 

Step number 2 Count your macronutrients 

Step number 3 Do basic forms of exercises 

Step number 4 Add fruits and vegetables free diet 

Step number 5 Take an adequate amount of sleep 

Here are some hacks that you can follow to increase the amount of weight you can lose and help to stay lean 

Hack #1 increase the amount of cardio that you do on a daily basis 

Hack #2 lift heavyweights 

Hack #3 Focus on body fat instead of your body weight 

Hack #4 Drink a lot of water 

Hack #5 Only eat when you are hungry not when you want to eat    

Have any questions left? Feel free to comment below : )  

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